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Same same, but he same

The judges having reduced access even more for photographers to today’s first hearing at the Pretrial Chambers of the ECCC for IENG Tirith, Minister of Social Affairs during the Khmer Rouge Regime, all images from the tribunal entering History are more and more standardized. Only the feed provided by the tribunal itself will remain.

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Judges are  there to judge. Sure… In the case of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal they are also writing history by feeding our memories. Too bad they are not aware enough of the power of visual memory…

I updated my website with a new set of pictures in the Khmer Rouge Trial story here

One Response to “Same same, but he same”

  1. john:

    the pictures are BRILLIANT!!!…the first 27 are just a brilliant brilliant intro to the entire process, for those who havent been following it…actually, this works to the advantage of your story…’cause all the visual iconography of the trial documented in the beginning of the new update which then collides against the monks and the martial arts demonstration and the subsequent pics is just overwhelming…

    i’ve told you for a long time that, for me, part of the brilliance of this entire KH work is the pics about the “reporting” of the trial, so much as the trial and historical figures themselves…the Quest for Land is ABOUT CAMBODIA and history…and the KH Trial stuff for me is equally about the OUTSIDE world KNOWING about cambodia: and how modernity reconciles itself to ghosts….all that photographic equipment, cameras, videos, laptops, fans, clocks, microphones, etc etc etc…as if from an Ozu film…brilliant…

    an as always, the quiet, nearly buddhist understanding of the beauty of silence in your images…big big big work, again :))



    bobblack - May 22nd, 2008 at 2:20 am