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Here is a follow-up on the Clear Water fire. The people whose house was destroyed in the blaze have received a temporary authorisation to set up camp on a piece of empty land nearby. Christian organisations distribute mosquitoe nets, hygiene kits and the like. What the next step will be for what appears now to be over 400 families is unknown as of yet…

Cambodia, Teuk Thla fire

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  1. one of the horrors of these pictures for me John is that the same conditions appear to be the same here as in some of the images from Quest for Land. In other words, the people live/lived in the same conditions, whether it be through devastation by fire or economic reality: an almost unimaginable condition or state of affairs…someone the long fingernails (of the person in pic #2) breaks my heart…always small details which kill me in an image, its the tiny that arrests our wrung heart from its precursored beat…

    i second what others have said: it’s cool to see a magnum dude doing what appears as “spot” news but it rings the same depth as the long term projects…for me, it comes not from the idea of the “instanteous” of the newsflash, but something other: like an acrobat whose so attuned to the conditions of the life that it all patterns itself, spot or long term…


    bobblack - April 19th, 2008 at 1:41 am