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Authorities Start Repression Of Strikes…

The striking garment factory workers are still determined to push for an 80$ rise in salary and keep protesting in front of their factories. Things turned ugly at the Yakjin Factory this morning when Unit 911 from the Royal Cambodian Forces (RCAF) cracked down on the protest and beat up workers. Activist and Union Leader Voan Pov was wounded and arrested, together with several buddhist monks. A long stand-off between workers and the military lasted until 5:00 PM, with the U.N. mediating to calm things down and with monks and land activists from the Boeung Kak lake community adding to the chorus of protests, until everyone decided to go and block road Nr4 yet again.

Meanwhile, less than 10Km from there, workers at the Canadia factory complex started to protest violently.

But Bunthen, a dissident buddhist monk, was detained by the authorities and seems not be allowed to go freely.

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