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‘Quest for Land’ Exhibition…

One year ago ‘Quest for Land’, an App for the iPad, bundling 10 years of photographs about land issues in Cambodia was released. There will be an exhibition at Meta House, on Sothearos Boulevard (yes: in Phnom Penh) to celebrate.

It is the first time these photographs will be featured in an exhibition in Cambodia.

The exhibition will be open at 6:00 PM on May 29th and last for the following 2 weeks.

The exhibition is only the tip of the iceberg though… For the full experience go to iTunes: the ‘Quest for Land’ App developed by Robert Starkweather is available at THIS LINK. It contains over 700 photographs, spread over 20 chapters, and is enriched with a text by Robert Carmichael doing some in-depth analysis about the land grabbing situation in the country, and there are slideshows with soundtrack.

A short video showing you how ‘Quest for Land’ is built can be seen HERE

A few of the photographs which will be shown at the exhibition:

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