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It’s not getting any better is it?

The evicted people from Dey Krohom are still waiting for a house promised by 7NG, the company which evicted them. Of course the conditions the people are living in now, cramped as they are, are not improving… And let’s not forget that monday, Chan Vichet, their representative, has to attend the Municipal Court to hear the verdict from the judges regarding the complaint of 7NG employees who accuse him of damaging property. You think that is cynical? How about knowing that on tuesday he has to testify on two more accusations by 7NG (fraud and defamation)?

One Response to “It’s not getting any better is it?”

  1. John:

    sorry i was a way, distracted ;)….I just looked at Justice 1 and Justice 2…i just cannot fucking believe it. It’s like Sartre’s Hui-clos …with Les Mouches thrown in to boot…i just cant fucking believe it…and after all the stuff with the KR trials, I just cannot believe the justice system fails to see the irony of the arrest of Chan Vichet …..(incidentally, Arantxa’s partner (and who is a close friend of mine) is a human rights attorney……i am sure he’ll want to help out in any way he can…

    it’s just numbing to consider what’s going on…when i think back to the earliest part of your Quest for Land story (when you first started, including the shots with your wife’s ancestor’s burial ground) it just kills my heart….

    i wish there were something i could do…but, i keep them in my metta meditation…really….

    just breaks my heart and sickens…how long until finally the levee breaks there…


    bobblack - February 14th, 2009 at 6:39 am