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No Escape Possible

All right, so it is supposed to be a world event… For a part of the world for sure…

Two parties in Phnom Penh tonight (at least) for the inauguration of Barack Obama. One at the Talking to a Stanger bar. Owned by Australians they had a special menu of mozarella fritters. The other venue was held by the Democrats Abroad at the Gym bar. It is a sportsbar owned by an American, and they serve hamburgers and Singaporean, Dutch and Cambodian beer (and a lot of other booze)… There was a quiz (“What was the nickname of the famous heavyweight boxer Ray Johnson?” or “At what age did Ronald Reagan die?”). And there was at least one roll of toilet paper with G.W’s face on it.

I didn’t stay until the end. I don’t know who won the quiz. I might have to get up at 3 or 4am tomorrow morning for the final stage of the Dey Krohom eviction. (VIJ2009004)

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