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They did it again

After the opening session yesterday, today was the first National Assembly meeting of the 4th legislature. And yet again the international news services were prohibited access to the assembly room to provide the public with a firsthand account. Is it excessive paranoia or just incompetence? Probably a bit of both… It is not enough to pose as a democracy. One has to act like one too.

Cambodia Press room

CAMBODIA. Phnom Penh. 25/09/2008: Press room at the National Assembly.

And that restriction results in unflattering portraits of the members of the assembly.

Cambodia Chea Soth

CAMBODIA. Phnom Penh. 25/09/2008: Mr CHEA Soth, Dean of the Assembly and PPC MP for Phnom Penh, during his speech at the National Assembly on a television in the press room. International press agencies were forbidden access to the National Assembly room.  

One Response to “They did it again”

  1. well, gotta say that i love all these new pics of the coverage….brilliant…and the top one is just another brilliant image of your long long line of images with people shooting digital cameras press…

    John: you gotta make another book after Land Quest and KR Trial…call it: snaps …..

    a book of all your pictures of people taking pictures…especially love all this stuff from the press…those 2 images are just out of Orwell or Bradbury…press photographing TV to give the people coverage…either the Cambodian government is totally insane (pananoic or ellusive or incompetent or whatever) or completely and artistically ingenious!…what other country has had the aesthetic brilliance to contemplate the possibility of the Press photographing tv as Live Coverage ;))))

    go get em! :))


    bobblack - September 25th, 2008 at 7:29 pm