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March of the Damned/ La Marche des Damnés

“The March of the Damned” (La Marche des Damnés) slideshow is published on the Ka-set website.

Cambodia, Evictions

The same story is also featured on my website in the “latest” section

One Response to “March of the Damned/ La Marche des Damnés”

  1. john:

    on a morning when i feel sad and exhausted, and I again reminded of the essential necessity of our lives…to embrace those that matter to us and to speak upon that which we can in order to articulate what happens to most others…

    an extraordinary and profound story and i am deeply saddened., above all all these children, wrestled from their homes and lives, the age on their faces, at once old and tired and embittered and at others filled with light and strange disbelief…for me, this is the marched of the condmened children…it’s a powerful and extraordinary sequence and i am left with all those faces….

    fractured and in need of homes and hope…

    thank you so much for this…i hope and trust this march will aide….


    bobblack - June 2nd, 2008 at 6:58 pm