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Look Ma: two hands!

Here is today’s pic of opposition party leader Sam Rainsy at the ceremony commemorating the grenade attack on the demonstrators in front of the the National Assembly of March 30th 1997 which left 20 people dead. The picture will be on monday’s home page of Ka-set.

Also featured on this picture is my second hand holding the Olympus LS10… 

One Response to “Look Ma: two hands!”

  1. so your a right-handed shooter?…some reason, i always pictured you as a lefty…also, some day, would like to see someone write about all the foreground hands/fans/phones/cameras/shading that crops up in your pics…i noticed this came a part of the work in Cambodia (though shades of it in your older work)….

    some day, over a drink, i’d like to hear about that…


    bobblack - March 31st, 2008 at 11:22 pm