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Gone. Sent. Wrapped up…

The DVD for Stern is on the plane to Hamburg. The DVD for the Magnum Paris office via Hamburg is on that same plane. The CD for the Wall Street Journal is on the FEDEX plane to Hong Kong.

I’m all set and ready for more: tomorrow there is a ceremony to commemorate the assassination of union leader CHEA Vichea 4 years ago…

One Response to “Gone. Sent. Wrapped up…”

  1. john:

    love this pic…(love the red hotel room too)…it reminds me of one of my favorite poems by Seamus Heaney….about flighting kites (gliders and kites, same, no?) ;))…who is this man? here is the poem:

    A Kite for Michael and Christopher

    All through that Sunday afternoon
    a kite flew above Sunday,
    a tightened drumhead, an armful of blown chaff.

    I’d seen it grey and slippy in the making,
    I’d tapped it when it dried out white and stiff,
    I’d tied the bows of newspaper
    along its six-foot tail.

    But now it was far up like a small black lark
    and now it dragged as if the bellied string
    were a wet rope hauled upon
    to lift a shoal.

    My friend says that the human soul
    is about the weight of a snipe,
    yet the soul at anchor there,
    the string that sags and ascends,
    weigh like a furrow assumed into the heavens.

    Before the kite plunges down into the wood
    and this line goes useless
    take in your two hands, boys, and feel
    the strumming, rooted, long-tailed pull of grief.
    You were born fit for it.
    Stand in here in front of me
    and take the strain.

    Bob Black - January 22nd, 2008 at 4:54 am