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Cambodia Quest for Land Dey Krohom Sequel
378 families, evicted from Dey Krohom in January 2009, were dumped by 7NG company in a vacant lot 20Km South of Phnom Penh. Nearly one year later, the same company arranged with the authorities to have them all relocated in an empty rice field in Oudong, even further away, at 40Km North West from the capital, further severing the tenuous connections and job opportunities the community had. The provided land plots are 4m x 8m, half of them prone to flooding during rainy season, there is no drinking water except for an open-air pond nearby, there are no latrines, no electricity, no job opportunities, no health facilities save the weekly visits by the doctors of NGO LICADHO (Ligue Cambodgienne des Droits de l’Homme), there might be a school nearby but the sudden influx of the children of 378 families results in children not having access to education.
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