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When Western Classics Meet Eastern Classics…

‘Pamina Devi’, a choreography by Sophiline Shapiro based on W.A. Mozart’s ‘Die Zauberflöte’ was first created in 2006 for the New Crowned Hope Festival in Vienna curated by Peter Sellars on the occasion of the celebration of the composer’s 250th anniversary. Only the basic theme of Mozart’s libretto remains in this production which for the rest is totally Khmer.

Ms. Shapiro’s ‘Pamina Devi’, although it was shown at the Schönbrunn Palace Theater in Vienna in 2006, toured the US in 2007 and the Netherlands in 2008, was never presented properly to the Cambodian public until now. The performance by the Sophiline Arts Ensemble can be attended at the Department of Performing Arts Theater (Streets 384 & 173 behind Spark & Tawandang Microbrewery) 21-23 May at 7 PM and 24 May at 4 PM.

It must be said that the Department of Performing Arts Theater is probably one of the worst conceived theaters one can find in this universe. Performers who pull off a wonderfull show like this in such a performing-arts-unfriendly location, are worthy of our admiration.

The Cambodia Daily ran 5 pages (with the coulour versions of the photographs) about the rehearsals of the play in its print version of May 23rd and features a video in its online version at THIS LINK.

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