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No Show

Hearing at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Pre-Trial Chamber for Khieu Samphan. His french co-lawyer, Jacques Vergès didn’t show up… Adjourned until April 3rd.

And I am adjourning until tuesday night… No posts…

CAMBODIA. Kambol (Phnom Penh). 27/02/2009: Khieu Samphan, former Chief of State of the Democratic Kampuchea and leader of the Political Bureau (Bureau 870), at his pre-trial hearing at the ECCC.

CAMBODIA. Kambol (Phnom Penh). 27/02/2009: Sa Sovan, Khieu Samphan lawyer, at press conference after pre-trial hearing at the ECCC.

CAMBODIA. Kambol (Phnom Penh). 27/02/2009: Civil Party lawyer at press conference after Khieu Samphan pre-trial hearing at the ECCC.

CAMBODIA. Kambol (Phnom Penh). 27/02/2009: Bruno Carette, filmmaker, and Reach Sambath, ECCC spokesman, at press conference after Khieu Samphan pre-trial hearing at the ECCC.

5 Responses to “No Show”

  1. wow,…this is like watching a film itself….Vergès must be hunting other ghosts ;)))….

    john, u see the film L’Avocat de la Terreur by Barbet Schroeder?….about Verges…


    bobblack - February 27th, 2009 at 6:42 pm

  2. Bob, Bruno Carette, on the last picture there, has been shooting some footage for the Barbet Schroeder movie about Verges. Verges doesn’t want to talk to him anymore since… Bruno just released a movie “Khmer rouges Amers” (a look upon the KR x many interviews, K Samphan, N Chea etc..) and is looking for a distributor.

    I haven’t seen that Barbet Schroeder movie yet… I loved the one on that African dictator (rats: name? memory gone…) Will try to see it. In fact I haven’t been to a real movie theater since what? four or five years. Not missing it that much in fact…

    john vink - February 27th, 2009 at 6:59 pm

  3. john: :_)))…wow, cool, synchronicity….YOU MUST SEE L’Avocat…it’s brilliant and fascinating…damn, had i known you hadnt seen it, i would have made a dvd for you to give to Arantxa….A MusT!…especially now, with him involved in these trials….would love to see Khmer Rouges Amers….listen, i have an idea. Tell bruno to submit the film to Toronto’s HOT DOCS festival…Hot Docs is one of the world’s BEST documenatary film programs…here is a link:


    if he can screen it there, he might get it picked up for distribution…it’s a great festival….or

    Reel Asian

    both of these would be a great outlet for his film…especially HOT DOCS…please encourage him to look at the webiste and submit for next year (this year is probably too late)…

    as for the film on the African Dictator, that would be Idi Amin :)))

    thanks for the info…small world indeed…

    go find L’avocat :)))


    bobblack - February 28th, 2009 at 12:07 am

  4. Idi Amin… It came back the minute I hit the publish button…

    Got a call from Arantxa. She is hooked up x very good friends of mine even before we met…

    john vink - March 1st, 2009 at 6:36 pm

  5. :)))…..arantxa is tireless and a real go-getter and a deep well of laughter/positive things…she always makes me feel lazy ;)))…cant wait ’til the 3 of u meet…

    bobblack - March 1st, 2009 at 10:30 pm