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On the side

Things are going back to normal… The Sam Rainsy Party held a congress at its headquarters in view of the May 2009 commune elections… (VIJ2009006)

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  1. WOW, for a second, i thought i was stoned (then i remembered, it’s only the Portugese Port), when i saw Vink item in color :))…the monochrome of the last 5 posts had knocked me out….

    LOVE both pics (the 1st for the Vink put-a-poll-in-the-foreground-of-a-photo ;)) ) and especially dig alot the 2nd pic!!…and as i told u before, after you do a book on Quest for Land (and i hope & trust this will include Dey Krohom evictions), i want a Vink book only about shooting cameras/video-recorders, along with Fans and Poles…i even have a title for the book (that will wait until in person)…

    on a personal note, saw and talked to Arantxa today…looks like you’ll meet her and Richard (he’s a great guy too, human rights guy) before u meet me and marina….i guess i need to switch professions from photographer/writer, to attorney or photojournalist……but thing this will be the year…

    clad to have u back in color as well


    bobblack - February 1st, 2009 at 7:01 am