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Phnom Penh in Beijing’s footsteps

Mr Martin Parr, regarding your story on the Beijing Auto-show, may I add that Phnom Penh is doing its best in catching up selling gas guzzlers which no american or european citizen with a sound mind wants to buy anymore… An american car company held a three-day show of its new products at the Chenla cultural center. Promotion of the greenhouse effect: quite a cultural mission. (VIJ2008061)

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One Response to “Phnom Penh in Beijing’s footsteps”

  1. John:

    would love to see the Vink Cambodia and Parr China autoshows side by side (i’ve seen Martin’s work)…it would be a visual goldmine…for all of us, by now, expect the glittery world of autoshows in china (the monster consumers in the world now of the bugeoning purchase of these monsters), but i can hardly rap my head around thoughts of these shows in Phnom Penh…

    let’s hope Magnum runs the pics…


    bobblack - August 16th, 2008 at 10:54 pm