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10 years ago

April 15th 1998: Pol Pot died 10 years ago. People still pray on his grave…

CAMBODIA. Choam Sa Ngam (Oddar Meanchey). 19/05/2007: RITH Born, 48 yrs, and members of his family paying respect to the memory of Pol Pot at the place where he was cremated.

One Response to “10 years ago”

  1. john:

    i was just talking about this with Marina last night…i have a student from Moscow who believes that Stalin was one of history’s great men…i dont really blame people, people crave and carve out, from fear, stability: seek it…it’s sad that we dont do enough to provide for people alternwatives….

    we’re all in the end, ghosts and addled…


    bobblack - April 18th, 2008 at 7:39 pm